Graham Akhurst - The first Indigenous Fulbright scholar

6 March 2019

Graham Akhurst is an Aboriginal writer hailing from the Kokomini of Northern Queensland. He has been published in Australia and America for poetry, short fiction, and creative non-fiction. His debut novel Borderland will be released in 2019 with Hachette. Graham is currently enrolled in an MPhil of Creative Writing at the University of Queensland.

Graham has now been named the first Indigenous Australian recipient of the Fulbright W.G. Walker scholarship. The scholarship is awarded annually to the highest-ranked postgraduate applicant, with Akhurst being its first Indigenous recipient. 

Akhurst, from the Kokomini people of northern Queensland, said he was ecstatic when he received the acceptance letter. “I would have been happy with anything, but to get that award and to be breaking ground when it comes to Indigenous representation for those elite awards was huge,” he said.

Graham talking about Bachelor of Arts (Honours) at UQ